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Orvis Tacky Dry Side Fly Box

Orvis Tacky Dry Side Fly Box

Orvis Tacky Dry Side Fly Box

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Orvis-Tacky Dry Side Box

  • Double-Sided Fly Box designed to hold multiple types of flies:
    • All types of dry flies and all types of small and medium size nymphs
  • Both sides feature Tacky’s Patent pending silicone anchoring system
    • Holds flies tighter
    • Withstands extemes in temperatures
    • Bright green color for high contrast
  • Dry Fly Side has 3D mat designed with all the right empty space
    • Protects dry fly hackle
    • Protects downward facing tails
    • Off set slit design holds 199 flies
  • Other side features Tacky’s original off-set tear-drop shaped silicone slits
    • Holds up to 168 flies
  • Same Tacky blue silicone for high contrast
  • Hinge stop
  • Same great magnetic closure

A new addition to the collaboration series of fly boxes from Orvis and Tacky. The Orvis-Tacky Dry Side Box comes in the custom Orvis color and offers space for 367 flies. One side of the box is the Original Tacky Mat, but the other side features Tacky’s new Dry Fly Mat. This 3D mat provides all the empty space necessary to protect hackles and tails on dry flies, eliminating the damage often done in conventional fly boxes. Polycarbonate construction for a durable and attractive box. Tacky’s mat material is silicone which holds flies tighter and does not deteriorate like conventional foam. Secure magnetic closure.

7″L x 3¾”W x 1¼”D.

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